Connecting with THE GATEway church

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with The Gateway Church!

Our church is much more than a Sunday morning meeting and we seek to provide opportunities for people in all different circumstances to engage in church life. 

We recommend navigating from the the What's On page to get a flavour of meetings that are available for you to attend. 

If you still have any questions about the church or accessing our meetings, please do email us at info@gatewaynewcastle.org or call/text us at 07596823577. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

What's important to the Gateway Church?

God has given His church three specific commands: To love Him with all that we are; To love others both inside and outside of the church, and to help people grow in relationship with Jesus.

When somebody asks "What is your church like?", we prefer not to categorise ourselves with a label because we believe it's more helpful and accurate to describe the practices we prioritise in church life, towards the goal of faithfully obeying God's call on our lives.

If you choose to become involved in our church family (which we hope you do), you'll find we place greatest emphasis on the following things, which we call our "family values":



Ongoing and unceasing communication with God is foundational to having a real and genuine relationship with Jesus. To fulfil the and plans and purposes God has for our lives we need to be continually seeking Him in prayer. At Gateway we encourage everyone to have prayer as a priority in their daily lives at the same time as providing specific opportunities for us to come together and pray with one another.

Proclamation of the gospel

Proclamation of the truth about Jesus is essential, for bringing people into relationship with God and empowering the church to walk by the Spirit and become more like Jesus. We emphasise the importance of biblical preaching and teaching within our church family. This both causes the church to mature spiritually and equips every member of the church to be an effective witness for Jesus.


Our lives are not evaluated on how much we know about Jesus but on how what we know influences our lifestyle. For that reason we seek to be a people who live out the teachings in the bible without compromising for comfort or convenience. We look to live in such a way that our actions give evidence that we're people of God.


Every single person is given gifts and resources from God for the benefit of the spiritual and physical well being of others. At Gateway we seek to encourage everyone to grow in their gifting so that they can invest in the lives of those around them just as Jesus did. As we invest our time in caring for others, we become more like Jesus; people distant from God encounter Him, disciples are made, God's family is built up and God is glorified.