Monday Morning 8:30am - 10:30am

Bible Study and Prayer

Where: The Sanctuary Prayer Room

On Mondays we open for a group Bible study and prayer. This is open to all who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the Bible, praying around specific verses and praying for another. If you are interested in coming on a Monday please contact Jess Hall at

Wednesday Mornings 7:30am-8:30am

Prayer Breakfast

Where: 25 James Street, Elswick, NE4 7RP

This is an opportunity to gather together with members of the Gateway family for breakfast, fellowship and prayer focused on life in church.

Thursday Mornings 7:00am-10:00am

Personal Prayer Time

Where: The Sanctuary Prayer Room

There is no better way to start the day than by seeking God. This space is provided as a place for personal devotion, an opportunity for you to come and spend personal time with God. You are welcome to come for the whole 3 hours or just drop in at a time that is appropriate for you. If you find it difficult to spend time with God for a long period of time we recommend that you book in for a meditation workshop. Here you will be given the skills to meditate on the Bible and use it to enhance your prayer time. If you would interested in booking a workshop please contact

Second Thursday Evening of Every Month 7:00pm-9:00pm

Prayer for Israel

The Sanctuary Prayer Room

The focus of this time is open intercession for the salvation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. For more information please contact Jim Hall at 

Other prayer meetings are scheduled throughout the month, for more detail on these, visit our calendar.

What is The Sanctuary Prayer Room?

The Sanctuary Prayer Room provides a place for personal devotion, intercession and equipping in the place of prayer. We know that you can pray at home, in the garden, at work, in the street etc. However, the SPR gives you the opportunity to get away from distractions and come to a place where the focus is prayer. Throughout the week we run different sessions that all are welcome to come to.

Find Us

The Sanctuary can be found in Benwell, on the corner of Buddle Road/St John's Road roundabout.

If you're using a SatNav, you can find us by using the house number 51 and the postcode NE4 8JU.

For more information on how to get there, please see the 'Find Us' page.