L O C A L  G A T H E R I N G S

Looking for somewhere to meet with Christians?

We have gatheirngs in;

M O R P E T H  / /  P E G S W O O D

W E S T  E N D  N E W C A S T L E  / /  C R U D D A S  P A R K

G A T E S H E A D  / /  R O W L A N D S  G I L L

W E S T  N E W C A S T L E  / /  K I N G S T O N  P A R K

For more information on where and when or any general enquiries please contact us here.

What to expect...

We all come together once a month for a gathering together as one family. These can vary month to month so please equire here.

Z O O M  G A T H E R I N G

We understand that as we come out of teh pandemic there are those who still need to exercise caution. For that reason tehre is also the opportunity to join with us online.

Every Sunday at 10:30am we have a Zoom gathering. Here we fellowship with each other, worship God through song, and have a time of teaching so that everyone can grow in their knowledge of God and relationship with him.

Use the online contact form to become a part of our online gatherings

K I N G D O M  K I D S

We are committed to seeing young people develop  a thorough understanding of the Bible and all that Jesus has done for them. At the same time as this we want to help build strong friendships and relationships amongst the young people and the whole church family that will last for years.

Wondering what this looks like on a Sunday? Use the online contact form and we'd love to connect you with our Kingdom Kids coordinator Liz.