Purpose Statement

Our purpose statement explains why we exist as a community, and defines our primary objectives:

The Gateway Church is a house of prayer with a mission: to bring people to Jesus and the gathering of his family; develop them to grow in Christlikeness; equip them to use their gifts in church ministry; and send them to go and make disciples - in order to glorify God’s name. 

Family Values

When a person asks, “What is your church like?”,  we believe an authentic answer to that question is found by asking another question, namely “What do we, as a church family, emphasise as being most important to God?"

Our family values are not an exhaustive list of all that all that God values, but they are four practices which we believe God calls us to prioritise as a church family. We believe that if these values are protected as being ’non-negotiable’ and promoted as being 'absolutely essential’, we’ll be heading in the right direction to be the people God has called us to be - ones who are successful in loving God, loving our neighbours and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Here are the values we prioritise as a spiritual family:


We emphasise that ongoing and unceasing communication with God is foundational to live like Jesus.

We recognise that without continually seeking God in prayer, obeying Jesus' teachings and fulfilling his commission is impossible for us. 

Therefore we continually call and equip the church to be a praying people through preaching, teaching and facilitating space for corporate prayer. 

Through prayer, God sustains us, strengthens us, and empowers us to fulfil our calling to become more like Jesus in every area of our lives.


We emphasise that the verbal proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ is essential for helping people grow in their relationship with God.

We recognise that the proclamation of God's Word is God's chosen method for cleansing his disciples from the ways of the world and preparing them to spend eternity with Jesus. 

Therefore we make the regular preaching and teaching of God’s Word a priority throughout all areas of church ministry. 

Through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the family of God grows numerically and spiritually as people hear and receive God’s Word. 



We emphasis that every follower of Jesus must strive to be holy as the God we worship is holy. 

We recognise that Jesus will not evaluate us based on how much know about God, but on how we’ve put that understanding into practice.

Therefore we take responsibility to call each other to live by the Spirit, and make the church a safe community in which we can confess sin and receive help and encouragement to experience victory over our struggles. 

As we die to ourselves and live for Jesus, our actions give evidence to heaven and earth that we’re the people of God, and Jesus Christ is alive within us. 


We emphasise that people who truly love God extend his love towards others.  

We recognise that when we stand before Jesus, he will talk to us about the practical and spiritual care we've given to the people God brought into our lives. 

Therefore we call all members of the church to serve like Jesus by investing their time, gifts and resources to benefit the spiritual and physical wellbeing of other people. 

As we lay down our lives to love others, we become more like Jesus; people distant from God encounter him; disciples are made; God’s family is built up and God is glorified.